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Amanda B.

"For women that are afraid of looking like a bodybuilder or getting too bulky, don't worry. There are so many various routines you can tailor this program into whatever physique you are trying to get. I have been called a lot of things from couch potato and video game junkie to desk jockey but now I can be called Ripped and it is all thanks to P90X! I was an athlete in high school and college so I ate whatever I wanted and could burn it off in the game. But when I graduated with these awful eating habits I put on some weight. Then I saw the commercial for P90X. I figured why not try it. I was pretty skeptical but after the first workout I was a believer. The muscle confusion is great! You work different parts of the body, at different times so that you never plateau—something that was really missing from every other workout I tried. So give it a shot."

Amanda B. Day 1
Day 1
Amanda B. Day 90
Day 90

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