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Eric H.

Eric H. Front Before
Day 1
Eric H. Front After
Day 90

When I first learned of the launch date for P90X, anticipation turned into motivation. In 2003 I had completed Power 90 and Power Half Hour, and I was following the development of P90X very closely. I knew this program was going to be everything I wanted and more!

Watch my video clip!In late January, I found the P90Xplorers thread on the Message Boards. The Xplorers group would be the first to order P90X and the first to report back their results. When I learned that I had been chosen as one of the Xplorers that would receive P90X before it was released to the masses, I was ready to start the workouts that day! For two weeks I kept thinking about what this was going to be about. I knew I wanted to prove to myself that I could not only take on this challenge, but that I could succeed. And "success" is just not enough to describe how much you get from P90X.

After receiving the clearly marked P90X package, I began to review the extensive fitness and nutrition guides that came along with the 13 DVDs. I viewed a sample of each DVD and my reaction was everything from, "Man, that looks good!" to "Oh no, that looks REALLY tough, but I am going to do my best." Man, I couldn't wait to get started!!!!

The guides are designed to carry you through P90X with great ease. Not only does the P90X Fitness Guide tell you about each exercise in the workout, but there are modified examples and ideas for those who might have difficulty doing particular exercises. The P90X Nutrition Plan has recipes and shopping lists to follow. And you can go by either the meal plan, which is based on a specific daily calorie intake, or the portion plan if you choose. I chose to follow the meal plan.

Eric H. Side Before
Eric H. Side After

Since the guides are so easy to follow, you must give BOTH equal effort and attention in order to achieve your goal. With P90X, you work out for an average of one hour for six days a week, but you need to eat right four to five times a day, every day. My nutritional intake for the first 45 days was good, but it wasn't as tight as it could have been. Then I watched "The Toughest Workout" in the Behind the Scenes area of the P90X Web site. Then and there I decided to commit to eating right and posting my daily nutritional intake. Not only did this keep me nutritionally straight, but many people dropped by my Message Boards thread just to see what I was eating each day. That really motivated me to keep on track.

Plus, all of the P90X supplements are beyond words. The P90X Peak Recovery Formula is light years ahead of any other liquid nutritional supplement on the market! I've ordered a total of five bottles to date, and plan on ordering more. I've also ordered four boxes of the P90X Peak Health Formula multi-vitamins and countless boxes of the P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars.

With P90X, you will learn a couple of things right off the bat. You have to "Bring It!" if you want to succeed, and at the same time you have to just "do your best and forget the rest." Both of these P90X mantras are equally powerful and motivating.

While going through Phase 1 (the first 28 days), I quickly realized that my favorite workout was Yoga X. I looked forward to both sweating and relaxing during this workout each week. Everything from push-ups to Kenpo to stretching is in here. The pull-ups are also new and key to this program. Phase 2 really starts to test what you're made of. Plus, you add two new workouts to the mix. While none of the workouts ever become easy, your body fights to gain some control over the massive muscle confusion that's taking place. About midway through P90X, I had some "That's me?" moments when I would see photos of myself. I couldn't believe how much my body was changing. I was even more ready to take on Phase 3. And don't think any of the recovery weeks aren't great either. They add yet another workout to the mix. Core city, baby!!! Every phase that goes by makes you stronger. Every drop of sweat that leaves your body brings you closer to your goal. By the end of Phase 3, you've brought it, and you're ready to show the world!

Eric H. Back Before
Eric H. Back After

P90X was another great step on my fitness journey. I was able to connect with so many people via the Beachbody Message Boards. That support system was crucial to this Success Story, and to so many others. It would not have been possible without that. Tony, Carl, and crew have put together such an extensive program that you can't believe what you will look like and feel like at the end of the 90 days. It's just COMPLETELY AWESOME!!

I am very pleased that I decided to take on this challenge, that I committed to it, and that I succeeded with it. I have earned the title of P90X Graduate, and have become a MyBeachbody Coach, gained many friends, and gained a TON of knowledge about how to live a better and healthier life.

If you want to take your fitness to that higher level, P90X is it, period! No gadgets, no cheating—just you, your commitment, and then . . . your success. I'm ready for many subsequent rounds.

Bring It!

Eric H.

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