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Rod M.

"With P90X I am getting more dramatic results than when I was in the Army doing physical fitness every day! When I started P90X I was three and a half months from turning 40 and I was in the worst shape of my life. Shocking because when I was younger, I was a ranger and paratrooper in the Army and back then being physically fit was the way of life. Where did that discipline go? I came across the P90X infomercial and I was very excited. I went through the first disc and thought this is rigorous and just awesome. As the week went on I would do yoga then Kenpo karate. About two weeks into it I honestly started to see results. My clothes started fitting better. My pants were loose. And this just motivated me to keep going after phase two. And that is where the whole muscle confusion started kicking in. Phase two had completely different discs and a new rotation than the phase 1. One of my friends was like, 'Hey Rod' your getting really lean and man you must be benching like 250 lbs. I remember telling him, 'No dude, all I got are two 25 lbs. dumbbells and I do these exercises right here in my living room.' I am getting better results than I ever got at my gym or ever got with a trainer. And I am getting more dramatic results than when I was in the Army and was doing physical fitness every day. If you are looking for a program that is challenging, and one that is proven to work, go to the phone right now and get P90X. You will have a ball with it!"

Rod M. Day 1
Day 1
Rod M. Day 90
Day 90

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