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Tony B.

Tony B. Before
Day 1
Tony B. After
Day 90

I have been a member of the Beachbody community since March 2003. Some of you may know me as "Xrayman" on the Message Boards.

Three years ago I had a heart attack, and I was introduced to the path of proper health and fitness by some dedicated people at my local Cardiac Rehabilitation Center. Watch my video clip!After a year and a half of "working out" on my own, I discovered the wonderful products and community at Beachbody. I committed to the Power 90 program and it changed my life, for the first time.

While celebrating our Power 90 success on the Hawaii Trip 2003, my wife, Dawn, and I were introduced to some new and intense workouts. Some of us stumbled and grumbled, but we were all intrigued by this "next step" for Power 90 graduates. There was talk of a new program, P90X, an intense 90-day training system, a serious regimen far beyond anything any of us had ever seen. We were convinced that this was the next step on the ladder to our personal health and fitness. We came home from Hawaii with a new mantra, "Bring It!" These two words were echoed countless times on the Boards with great anticipation by all who were interested to see what it would be.

Tony B. Power 90 Day 01
Power 90 Day 01
Tony B. Power 90 Day 30
Power 90 Day 30

Then we got the call to arms. Carl Daikeler started the P90Xplorer thread and the challenge was on. I was proud to be one of the first to say, "BRING IT!" Did I need to get in better shape? I thought not, but another thing I had come to understand was not to rest on my laurels. So I accepted the challenge and started preparing for the physical "onslaught" to come. I set up a pull-up bar made out of plumbing materials in my garage. I got a doorway pull-up bar for my bedroom gym, and I bought a set of adjustable-weight dumbbells. I lined up the Performance Formula supplements, then the P90X Peak Health Formula multi-vitamins, P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars, and P90X Peak Recovery Formula (yum!). Now I was ready to "Bring It." This would be another turning point for me psychologically. This would be where I pushed myself far beyond the physical and mental boundaries I had set for myself. A heart attack and surgical stent impounds the mind far more than it does the body.

Tony B. Power 90 Day 60
Power 90 Day 60
Tony B. Power 90 Day 90
Power 90 Day 90

Once again I consulted my cardiologist to ask his opinion about doing this program. His only reaction was, "Go for it! Your heart is strong and healthy." He gave me permission to take my heart rate above 150 bpm, which is the zone heart rate for an average 56-year-old. That was all I needed to hear.

The package arrived right on schedule, and my wife and I took the Fit Test. Ouch!!! What a rude awakening. I thought I was in good shape!!

Tony B. Power 90 Day 135
Power 90 Day 135
Tony B. Power 90 Day 265
Power 90 Day 265

On March 1, 2004, about one hundred P90Xplorers, me and my wife included, hit the proverbial deck with all we had to bring. My body was not totally ready for all that was being thrown at it, but my head was in all the way, and nothing could stop me once I got started. I enjoyed the whole program. It was perfectly executed and, as promised, my muscles were confused!

Plyometrics, Core, Yoga, Ab "Killer" X, Kenpo, even an extreme Stretch, and what seemed like millions of push-ups, pull-ups, and resistance-training exercises... This program is as stimulating for the mind as it is for the body, a perfect balance of hard work and concentration. It's like having Tony Horton in the room with you. No glitz or glamour, just on the deck, sweating along with you. These are the toughest and most challenging workouts I have ever done. And talk about sweat!! The "DNA removal" is real and consistent. When properly executed, every workout brings you to the peak of exertion, and leaves you with a distinct sense of accomplishment.

Tony B. P90X Day 01
P90X Day 01
Tony B. P90X Day 90
P90X Day 90

I was amazed by my results. To think that, at my age, I could accomplish more than I had already accomplished was a personal revelation. Above and beyond my Fit Test improvements, I lost another 1.5 inches off my waist, and for the first time in my life I can bench-press my own weight. For all the moaning, groaning, and grunting I did and still do, once again I am proud to say that I did not miss a workout. I promised myself I would BRING IT every day, and I finished the Classic version of P90X on schedule and with results that still astound me. I am stronger, healthier, more agile, can jump higher, and I am in better shape than I EVER was in my life and am pretty "X"ed for an Old Dude!!

When I returned to the gym after my three-month (home training) absence, some people asked, "Why would you want to work that hard?" I simply answered, "Because I can." Three years ago doing something like P90X was not even a thought, let alone a consideration, a nightmare at best! My cardiologist was so pleased with my results that he cut my medications significantly, and now wants me to come to his rehabilitation center and work with the cardiac patients who are having problems coping with the stigma of "My life is over." If I can help one person find their way back from that dark place, I will have achieved a lifetime of success. Being in the greatest shape of my life is my vehicle for "paying it forward."

Once again Beachbody has given me the tools to better my health and fitness. P90X is a master set of tools, and will be the basis for my workouts for the rest of my life. The sheer variety will keep my body from ever plateauing and my muscles forever confused!! In the words of Tony Horton: "You're born, click, click, and you die. What you do with your two clicks is up to you." Though looking back I see I squandered my first click, I am going to make my second click one for the record books!

Things have now come full circle. After months of studying, training, and testing, I have become a Certified Personal Trainer. Now I can use my newfound Beachbody and good health to guide others to their own personal success. Thanks again, Tony Horton, for the tools and the inspiration. Your belief and commitment shine through in the P90X workouts and make the challenge exhilarating and fun to do. Thanks also to Carl and Jon, not only for your foresight and belief in this product, but for being in the trenches with us. I don't think many corporate executives would ever attempt what you two have already done. Kudos and sincere thanks to all of you at Beachbody for your ongoing help and support.

I will continue to Bring It, X-STYLE, with great vigor, to my small piece of the world. Peace, power, and health to you all.


Tony B., "Xrayman"

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