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Traci M.

Traci M. Before
Day 1
Traci M. After
Day 90

Dear Beachbody,

I started P90X with the rest of the P90Xplorers on March 1, 2004. I was one of the masses who followed every update on the P90X site, every bit of info on the test group, every golden nugget that Scott F.Watch my video clip! enticed us with in his journal, while chomping at the bit for it to be OUR turn!!! And then Carl created the Xplorer thread.

We checked in daily, sometimes multiple times a day, reading up on how everyone was preparing for the X. We nearly went insane waiting for "the call" from Beachbody. Some of us canceled plans in an effort to not miss "the call." Some of us left extremely detailed instructions on the outgoing messages of our answering machines so that Beachbody could get ahold of us no matter where we were! And then the call came, and the insanity rose as we awaited our FedEx delivery. I can still remember the excitement as I went to bed that Friday night, knowing that the BIG DAY was to follow.

Traci M. Before Beachbody
Before Beachbody

I woke up early, knowing that our home is situated at the beginning of our local FedEx route. People say, "Where were you when President Kennedy was shot?" Xplorers say, "Where were you when you saw the FedEx truck?" I was doing the dishes when I saw the truck round the corner . . . in it was MY TREASURE, waiting for me to open it up, smell it, feel the glossy covers, admire this extreme home gym in a box, see Tony's autograph there, calling me in shiny silver ink to "BRING IT"!

I read the detailed instructions cover to cover. I watched the "How to Bring It" video and only a bit of the Chest & Back routine (I wanted the workouts to be a surprise). I read Carl's Xplorers welcome letter with excitement and spent much of the weekend on the Message Boards, reading about everyone's response to this AMAZING program. We were venturing into uncharted territory, this group, and the anticipation was almost more than we could handle. "X houses" were going up at a rapid rate in the new "X neighborhood" on the Message Boards, as people posted their Fit Test results and "before" pictures. It was like nothing I had ever been a part of. And then Monday finally came. Our journey had begun. MY journey had begun.

Traci M. Before Power 90
Before Power 90
Traci M. After Power 90
After Power 90

Twelve amazing, physically and mentally challenging, sweat-inducing, muscle-and-strength-building workouts all rolled into one program. My competitive nature came out. I wanted so badly to compete with those people BRINGIN' IT in the videos! I wanted to push my body to see what it could do. When I fell short, I just kept giving it my all, pushing myself to the limit, "doing my best, forgetting the rest." It was so fun to wake up each day and head out to the garage to see if I could improve my numbers from the week before. And just when my body would settle into the routine, BOOM! It was a recovery week, with a whole new order of routines, working the muscles a little bit differently than the phase before. If you think my muscles were confused, so was my brain! I RELIED on the guidebook to tell me what I needed to do that day.

Traci M. Before P90X
Before P90X
Traci M. After P90X
After P90X

I think I was most challenged by Yoga X. The mental challenge to be calm and hold those poses was almost more than I could bear. But I'd made the commitment to "BRING IT," so every Thursday I did my Yoga X. And no matter how much I complained about the time or the calm it required, never once was I sorry I'd done it. With the muscle fatigue that came from the other workouts, Yoga X just massaged away the aches and stiffness, and prepared my body for another week of lifting, jumping, pulling, pushing.

Ab Ripper X was another challenge. Tony is so right when he says "I hate it, but I love it." Those were my feelings exactly. It's not just a bunch of crunches, but an extreme set of the most ab-defining exercises I have ever done. In a GOOD way. Every move works your abdominal muscles till you are just spent and whooped, but the payoff is amazing. Those muscles are just carved out and RIPPED in the end. Just look at all the pics of my fellow Xplorers—in the days of old, people would be knocking down their doors to do laundry on those washboard stomachs!!! ;o)

My biggest surprise was the progress I made in the pull-ups! I had never been able to do a pull-up, I could only get about halfway up before I started Power 90. So imagine my surprise when I took my "before" Fit Test and found I could do 5! SHOCK!! And by the end of P90X, I could do 8 on my best day, and also chin-ups, corn cobs, and all the other wacky pull-ups in the same workout! I saw HUGE changes in my strength from the pull-ups.

It was so encouraging to be a part of the Xplorers group on the Message Boards. Just when you were having a lazy-feeling day, you'd read how someone else had BROUGHT IT like never before, and suddenly you were energized to head out to BRING IT too! Seeing people's results, hearing how they were giving it their all every day, looking at the pictures—what a great way to go through something so eXtreme!!

And then came WOWY, where we could actually leave notes for one another and work out with friends all over the country (and Canada!). There is just something that inspires you to BRING IT when you log on and see that you're working out with Carl, or "Xrayman," or "Absmom," or whoever happens to be BRINGIN' IT at the same time, all the way across the country! I LOVE WOWY!!!!

So there you have it. I'm hooked. I love the new Hortonisms, the music, and the workouts. I love the results that P90X brought, and I love seeing my body pushed to the point of exhaustion, but still able to function throughout the rest of the day. With energy! And I LOVE giving myself the reward of the P90X Peak Recovery Formula drink!! The reason I was able to get through my workouts some days—for the reward of that liquid gold!! Delicious, refreshing, and the perfect ending to a good, hard workout!

Lastly, I just want to share the excitement of taking this renewed body out to see what it can do now! My soccer game has improved INCREDIBLY, my dribbling and ball-handling skills have improved greatly, without a doubt thanks to my favorite workout: PLYOMETRICS!! I'm able to run five miles and THEN work out with weights, and STILL feel strong. I'm able to go hiking at a much faster pace. It is amazing when you plug your body into a sport and find incredible improvement! It is invigorating and exciting! Then someone says, "WOW! You're in really good shape, where do you work out?" and I get to share about this awesome eXtreme fitness program called P90X.

I feel privileged to have been a part of the Xplorers, and now that the initial 90 days is behind me I've continued on with the workouts, as well as "taking it outside" for a run, a game, just living life with energy! It has been an amazing journey, and one that continues even beyond...for a lifetime!


Traci M.

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